Soup’s On


Let me make one thing clear, I am not a seasoned cook in any sense of the word.  I am at a loss in the kitchen, and I have been driven to tears trying to figure out the directions in cookbooks.  Fold, blanch, and braise, oh my!  Someone once told me that anyone who can read can cook, but rest assured, that is absolutely not true, at least in my case.  I have followed a recipe to the last letter, only to have the final product be not fit for human consumption.  Knowing all of this, you may question whether what I did for someone this evening was a good thing or not, but rest assured, I overcame my questionable culinary skills to  create something delicious.

My ex-husband remains one of my best friends, and we remain a united front, especially when it comes to parenting our two daughters.  I appreciate all he does for our daughters and for me, and I do my best to make he knows he is appreciated and loved by all three of us.  Lately, he has been working longer hours than he normally does, and so, this evening, I made a large batch of homemade soup for dinner, which the girls and I enjoyed together, and when their dad came to pick them up afterward, I sent home the remainder of the soup for him.  It was enough soup for him to have for dinner tonight and to reheat tomorrow night for dinner for the girls and him.  He was very appreciative and gladly accepted the soup, and while it may have been a small gesture, sometimes, the small things mean the most, especially after a long day at work.

In addition to nourishing my body, one of the good things I did for myself today nourished my baby soul and warmed my heart.  I took time to read the postings of some of my favorite writers and bloggers, as it is a practice I do not do enough and that I want to do more often.  As much as I love writing, I also love reading, and they complement one another well.  When I come across good writing, it mesmerizes me, and I am in complete awe of such a talent.  It drives me to be the best writer I can be without compromising who I am, and it encourages me to pursue my dream and, as Joseph Campbell so eloquently stated, to follow my bliss.  I am grateful for all writers who share their talents and gifts with the world, and I look forward to reading more and drawing more inspiration from them.  My day definitely ended with a happy heart, calm baby soul, and a full stomach!

Just one thing each day . .  .

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  1. There’s nothing like soup to warm the soul and spread friendship.
    It is great that you and your husband have remained friends.


    • Elizabeth, I agree, as I think soup, much like a cup of coffee or tea, brings people together. I am profoundly grateful that my ex-husband and I remain the best of friends, and I know that it means a lot to both of us and to our precious little girls. We shall remain a family, no matter what.


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