Tea For Three


This Good Friday did not start off so good at all.  I woke up feeling achy, sick to my stomach, light-headed, and fatigued, and despite my best efforts, I did not feel well enough to go to work.  I spent the better part of the day resting, doing some work from home, and feeling grateful when some of the symptoms began to subside, and I managed to find some good in this Friday and do some good for two other people.  Both positive actions involved one of my favorite daily treats-tea.

I had a 2:30 p.m. appointment this afternoon that would have been problematic to cancel and reschedule, and I consider it nothing short of an Easter miracle that I felt well enough to keep this brief appointment, as scheduled.  On my way to the appointment, I stopped at a local coffee house to purchase some tea for myself.  I ventured out of my comfort zone and did not order my usual hot green tea, as I was drawn to the ginseng peppermint hot tea, which promised to alleviate cold symptoms and soothe an irritable stomach.  I generally eschew herbal teas, but this spot of tea truly hit the spot this afternoon.

While I was at the coffee house, I decided to purchase iced tea for the two people I was scheduled to see for my afternoon appointment.  With the sun out and temperatures in the mid-to-upper fifties, it felt like spring had finally sprung, and iced tea seemed like a wonderful beverage to toast its long-awaited arrival.  Both recipients happily accepted the iced tea and thanked me, and it made me feel good to do something kind for two people who take such great care of me.  The surprised smiles on their faces were lovely complements to the bright sun!

Now, I am going to indulge in some hot soup and hot green tea for dinner, followed by soaking in a hot bath.  It may end up being a good Friday after all that hopefully will pave the way for a much better Saturday.

Just one thing each day . .  .

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