Month: March 2013

Body Work

This morning, I did something that I have done every Monday morning since February 11, 2013, when I decided to amp up my commitment to health, wellness, and fitness.  I gingerly stepped on my scale and weighed myself, and when… Read More ›


Given the inclement weather we seem to experience nearly every weekend, I am beginning to think that Sunday needs to be renamed ‘Rainday’, as it was another cold and rainy day here.  It may officially be spring, but it still… Read More ›

Happy Trails

To some, these pictures are merely images from my trail runs in Cherokee Park in Louisville, Kentucky, but to me, these are sacred spaces as holy and revered as any cathedral, temple, mosque, or church in the world.  For mixed… Read More ›

Crazy Enough

If you are reading this blog post, then without knowing it, you already know the one thing that I did for myself today.  After talking with the social media strategist yesterday about my dream to be a writer, I spent… Read More ›