Month: March 2013

The Gift Bearer

Yesterday’s very long day left me short on time, energy, motivation, and inspiration, which would explain why I am just now writing this blog post.  The unintentional theme of the day turned out to be that of giving gifts, both… Read More ›

Meditate on This

Far and away, some of life’s sweetest moments are the ones that catch you completely off-guard and end up being memorable and, perhaps, even life changing.  Last night, my two daughters and I experienced such a moment together, and it… Read More ›

Wait No More

For the second night in a row, sleeping won out over writing, which necessitated in this blog post being a day late.  Better late than never, though, at least I hope so in this case.  I am sipping hot green ginger… Read More ›

Sleep Over

Yesterday’s one positive action that I took to make my day and my younger daughter’s day a bit better is the reason that I did not write this post until this morning.  After a full week at work, combined with… Read More ›