Month: March 2013

Our Guys

On a daily basis, nearly two hundred men come through the front doors of the local day shelter for homeless men where I work.  In addition to “our guys”, a number of staff members, volunteers, professionals from community agencies, such… Read More ›

Just Breathe

One of the ways that I unwittingly sabotage myself is that I get so caught up in trying to do things “the right way” that I miss out on the experience itself and give up unnecessarily.  More often than not,… Read More ›

Good Friday

Okay, it may not be the Christian version of Good Friday, but it certainly is the Kristi version of Good Friday.  This week feels like it took an inordinately long time to come to an end, and I am left… Read More ›

The Doctor Is In

Over the years, I have faced several health issues, such as ulcerative colitis, infertility, and an early stage of cervical cancer, and I am never more aware of or appreciative of my good health as I am when I lose it. … Read More ›