Here’s to Good Health


The unintentional theme for today ended up being good health, or rather,  it was about taking proactive measures to maintain good health.  The one thing that I did for myself was intentional, while the one thing I did for someone else was unexpected, but every bit as needed.  Hopefully, both of the things that I did today will help each of us to stay healthy.

One of the things I like about working at the day shelter for homeless men is that there truly is no such thing as a typical day, as anything and everything can occur on any given day.  The other thing that I like about my job is that we all work together as a team and routinely do things that are not delineated on our respective job descriptions to do what is best for both the guests at the day shelter and the men who are in one of our housing programs.   Today, I had the chance to volunteer to do something to help out one of our case managers and one of her clients.

Our case managers are truly super heroes, given all that they do on a daily basis for all of the men who come to us in need of resources and support, but there is one thing that they have not yet mastered . . .being in two places at the same time.  One of the men scheduled an outpatient procedure at a local hospital for tomorrow morning, but he did not talk with his case manager about this appointment until this morning.  Due to a scheduling conflict, she is not able to transport him to the hospital at the time that he is to be admitted, which was frustrating to both the case manager and the client.  When she came to me with the problem, I offered to pick up the client in the morning and drop him off at the hospital, as we did not want him to rely on the bus so early in the morning, nor did we want him to reschedule or miss his procedure.

I put a great deal of emphasis on preventative health care measures and having routine screenings and check-ups, and I was proud of the client for scheduling this medical test to ensure that he is in good health.  He called me after his case manager reviewed the plan for tomorrow, and he thanked me for the offer to pick him up, but added, “I don’t want to bother you with this.”  I explained that there was nothing more important for me to do tomorrow than to help him take good care of himself, and I meant that.  Good health is truly the greatest wealth one can have.

As for me, about a month ago, it occurred to me that I had not been seen by my dermatologist in three years, so, I scheduled an appointment with her for this afternoon.  I have not noticed any suspicious moles or any other changes to my skin, and I do not have a history of skin cancer in my immediate family, but I understand that the absence of risk factors does not make me immune.  To me, it is worth a trip to the doctor to be told that everything appears to be ‘normal’, and I am very grateful that I have health insurance and access to health care.  I do what I can to stay healthy, because I cannot afford to get sick, as that comes at too high of a cost to myself and to all those who need me.  For today, I am in good physical health, and I intend to do what I can to keep it that way.

Just one thing each day . .  .


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