Life Goes On


Shortly after waking up this morning, this phrase popped into my head, “Today is all I have, so, I am going to give it all I’ve got.”  I don’t know where it came from, but the timing of this message was perfect and remained with me throughout the day.  After the recent reminders that life can change, and even end, in an instant, I intended to make the most of this day.  As today comes to a close, I honestly can say I succeeded in carrying out my intention.

For some people, my personal mantra for today may be reminiscent of the motto, “Live each day like it’s your last”, which I dislike actually.  That particular motto may seem like sound advice, until you really dissect it.  If everyone lived every day like it was their last, I doubt too many people would choose to spend their final twenty-four hours doing things like paying bills, doing laundry, ironing, cleaning, and running errands, which is exactly how I spent my day.  None of these tasks are anyone’s bucket list, even if that someone is as compulsively neat and organized as I am, yet these very tasks were the ones that helped me to begin again.

Even though the task of grieving is far from complete, the task of living remains the task at hand.  That’s exactly what I did today, as I got caught up on the household chores and errands that have been neglected for nearly two weeks, and with each task that I was able to remove from my ‘to do’ list, I felt a sense of accomplishment, pride, and relief.  It is not quite as grand as taking something off of a ‘bucket list’, but it feels good to thrive, rather than merely survive, today, which was truly was the best thing that I could do for myself today.

The one thing that I did for someone else was to honor the memory of my former father-in-law by donating money to the designated charities that he had supported.  He was a man dedicated to serving others, from his family to the community at large, and these donations will help continue the work that he supported and believed in to make the lives of others better.  I know that he would agree that helping others is the best way to honor him and to keep his spirit alive.  So, this one is for you, Jerry!

Just one thing each day. .  .


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  1. “It feels to good to thrive, rather than merely survive” really hits home for me on so many levels as I have been there. Beautiful post, and what a wonderful way to honor Jerry!


  2. My admiration and respect for you, as a caring human being, grows with each story each passing day. I will be the first to profess how much your inspiration has helped lift me up and out, and set me back on a path away from my very personal and complex mess.

    I am so looking forward, once again, to the journey thay lies ahead.


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