Thank God it’s Sunday!!!  When the new year began, I rediscovered the joys of Sunday being a day of rest, which means I do my best to have as little to do and as few obligations as possible to end the weekend and to begin the week.  Once I got a taste for lazy Sunday mornings that gave way to relaxing Sunday afternoons, I was hooked, and Sunday became my favorite day of the week.  After having my new Sunday routine disrupted recently, I greeted the return of it with great joy, and I celebrated by doing just one thing for myself and for my ex-husband.

The best thing I did for myself today happened as soon as I opened my eyes and made the decision to linger in bed.  At least five days a week, I am beholden to my alarm clock, so, with the children still asleep and no plans on the horizon, I stayed under the covers and greeted the day with gratitude.  As I listened to the rain, I found myself in a reflective mood, and I thought a lot about everything I am grateful for today and all of the things I am grateful for that have yet to come to fruition, yet I know that they will.  Happiness and hope have replaced the depression and anxiety, and this morning, I just took it all in and gave thanks for it.  What a wonderful way to start today!

After being out-of-town for nearly two weeks, my ex-husband returned home this afternoon, and our daughters and I were determined to make it a happy homecoming.  While we cannot erase the grief of losing his father, we can share in his grief and do our best to ease his own sorrow as best we can.  My ex-husband is not one to ask for help at all, so, our girls and I took it upon ourselves to come to his aid.  We made his favorite cookies, which he happily devoured, and we gave him lots of support and love.  The best thing that I did for him, though, was to send the girls home with him for the afternoon, as they are the best medicine possible for his broken heart.  Technically, it may not have been “his” day with our girls, but we don’t parent according to technicalities.  He needed them, they needed him, and I needed to do whatever I could to make them happy once again.

Just one thing each day . . .

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