After You, Please


I may not have found dresses for Oaks Day and Derby Day yet, but I still managed to find ways to do just one thing today for myself and others.  One of the many things that make me so proud of Kentucky is when I hear a visitor compliment our friendliness and southern hospitality, and I pride myself on being polite and kind.  Today,  I focused on being a good hostess by planning a dinner to welcome a friend to Louisville for the Derby, and I hope to kick off his week on a winning note.  I also did little gestures, such as allowing someone else to go ahead of me in line at the checkout counter at the store and letting a car go in front of mine in traffic this morning, and with each smile from the recipients of these small acts, I knew that I was onto something and kept it up throughout the day.  I thanked our mail carrier for his dedicated  service, and I wrote a note of thanks to an employee at a local boutique who gave me exemplary service.  “Please” and “thank you” were peppered throughout my conversations, and I found that bringing good manners and kindness to every interaction were the best accessories to my day and, hopefully, to others.

For myself, the best thing that I did for myself today was to take a catnap after work while my older daughter did homework and my younger daughter was at soccer practice with her dad.  It was very much-needed and appreciated, and it took the edge off a bit of anxiety that has crept in this week.  As evidenced by this late hour that I am writing today’s blog post, getting more sleep remains elusive, which makes taking a 20 minute nap all the sweeter.

Just one thing each day . . .

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