Month: April 2013

A Pick Me Up

On this fine Sunday, one of my best friends and I were both in need of a pick me up for two very different reasons.  My needed pick me up paled in comparison with my friend’s very much-needed and deserved… Read More ›

Welcome Home

This Saturday found me being welcomed home and welcoming the two people I love most in the world home.  Both of these things reminded me that there really is no place like home. As I chronicled in an earlier blog… Read More ›

Sole to Soul

In 2010, I began to trail run as part of my training to complete another half-marathon, and I immediately was smitten with it and continued doing it long after my training ended.  In 2011, I would hit the trails in… Read More ›

Hitting the Trails

Cherokee Park, Louisville, Kentucky This is one of the many beautiful scenes that greeted me on my first trail run of 2013.  I have been away far too long, and I am grateful for today’s triumphant return.  Pure, unadulterated bliss… Read More ›