Back in the Saddle Again


Well, after several decadent days of indulging in all of the festivities that surround the Kentucky Oaks and Derby and watching others in the saddle, literally, I am back in the saddle again, figuratively.  It is so funny how being out of my regular routine for even a brief period of time can feel like a lifetime, and I definitely got off to a slow start on a chilly, rainy Monday morning.  That said, at least, I started.

Definitely the best thing that I did for myself today was to focus on writing this blog on a daily basis again.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder, as I find myself falling in love all over again with writing and the joy that it brings me.  I remember moments during my life when I felt so lost and was both intrigued and frustrated when self-help gurus advised others who were wandering like me to find their passion and follow it.  I had no idea what that meant actually, as I had things I liked or enjoyed, but I would not have called them my “passions”.  Little did I know that one of my passions was right under my nose all the time, and once I discovered it, I felt like Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz” when she figured out that she had the power to return home the entire time, just by clicking her ruby slippers together three times.  For me, my “ruby slippers” turned out to be the keys on my computer’s keyboard, and with some keystrokes and clicks, I was once again “home”.

The other passion that I discovered nearly three years ago when I began working at the day shelter for homeless men is that I truly love working with these special men who allow me to be a small part of their journey.  I never thought of working with this particular population, but the moment I walked through the shelter’s front door, I had a visceral reaction and knew I was “home”.  It is said that charity begins at home, so, doing something for someone at my “home away from home” was a great place to refocus on doing just one thing each day for someone else.

After being away from the day shelter for the past three days, I had a lot to do this morning before heading to a meeting for the afternoon.  As soon as I walked through the doors, though, I knew that the paperwork and projects needed to wait just a bit longer, as I was greeted with questions about how I was doing and how my weekend had gone.  These questions are ones that most people get asked numerous times a day, and the person posing the question may barely pause long enough to listen to the answer and/or the person answering the question may respond with little more than a generic “fine” or “okay”.  At the day shelter, though, when the men pose these questions, it is because they are genuinely interested in what the response will be.  So, as trite as it may sound, the one thing I did today was to spend time engaging the men in genuine conversations, as we talked about the Oaks and Derby, the various appointments that the men had this week, different issues that the men were dealing with, etc.  It would have been easy to give a pat reply and remain in my office for the entire morning, but sometimes, the easiest thing to do is not the best thing to do.  Today, I chose what was the best thing for the men and, truth be told, for me, as I get as much from these interactions as they do.

Just one thing each day . . .

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