One Good Thing, Then Another


Recently, when my former father-in-law died after a stroke, I abandoned my exercise routine, healthy eating plan, and many of the other tricks of the trade that I have learned and implemented to stay healthy and happy.  Getting off track is such an insidious process, as one bad habit can lead to another and then another, and before you know it, you are in a rut, which is exactly where I found myself.  The only way out of a rut is to take a step, no matter how small, to do one good thing and then another to climb out of it, which is exactly what I did today.

As soon as I woke up, my mind and body protested my plan to take that first step to get back on track, but I relented.  I began my day with an awesome workout that led to a healthy breakfast that led to feeling less stressed and re-energized that led to being focused on making further healthy choices that nurtured and revived my body, baby soul, and spirit.  I read, downloaded and listened to some great new music, practiced some deep breathing to control some residual anxiety, used positive thinking to deal with some self-doubt and fear, and rewarded myself with excellent concert tickets to a show this fall.  I now am tired from today’s activities, but it is that kind of fatigue that comes from an honest day’s work and that feels so good.  I cannot wait to take some more steps tomorrow, and before I know it, I will not only be back on track, but I will own that track!

I was not the only one who was trying to get back on track today, as one of the men at the homeless shelter approached me on behalf of his friend.  It would appear that this gentleman’s friend had fallen far off his own track over the weekend, and now, his friend wanted to know how to help him to regain his footing.  In reality, there was nothing immediate or concrete I could do to help his friend today, so, I did the best I could to simply to listen to his concerns for his friend, review resources available to him, and to look at helping him care for himself, in order to better help his friend.  Much like me, this man hadn’t been eating properly or sleeping well, and he was in need of some peace and quiet.  So, I helped him devise a self-care plan, and I also promised to keep an eye out for his friend, whom I affectionately refer to as “my shadow”, for when he is in the day shelter, he stays in close proximity to me.  It is my hope that he realizes that no matter how far he is off track at the moment that his friend and I are ready and waiting to help him do one good thing and then another.

Just one thing each day . . .


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