You’ve Got a Girl


Twelve years ago today, at precisely 5:08 p.m., I heard the four words that changed my life forever, “You’ve got a girl!”  Our five-year journey to have a child came to an end and our new journey of being parents began.  I shared some of our infertility journey in a previous blog post, “September 30”, so, today, I will share a bit about the little girl who came into the world and changed our world  in ways that we could not have ever imagined.

The first time I held my daughter, tears of pure joy welled up in my eyes, and I whispered, “Hi, beautiful”, to her.  She was just under six pounds, but she already had a presence that filled both the room and my heart.  She is named after her maternal grandmothers, but she most definitely is her own person.  As I looked at her that first time, and as I look at her today, I was, and still am, in absolute awe that this extraordinary creature is my daughter.  Our initial introduction began our relationship as mother and daughter, and on Mother’s Day 2001, we were discharged from the hospital and charged into our life together.

I remember standing with her dad outside the hospital entrance, struggling to master the art of securing her in her car seat and thinking, “Oh my gosh, they just let us leave the hospital with a baby!  How do they know that we know what we’re doing?”  When we walked through the door of our home, she began to cry, and we turned to each other with panicked looks and said, “The baby’s crying!  What do we do?”  Some how all common sense and child care experience disappeared the first time we didn’t have nurses as back ups to swoop in to help us, and we spent those first few days wondering when her real parents would show up.  Eventually, our confidence grew, as did our parenting skills, and we all settled into the routine of family life.

I used to look at my sweet baby girl and try to imagine what she would look like and be doing at various stages in her life, so, it is surreal to have watched her go through many of those stages that I once imagined.  I have truly loved each and every stage, and she never ceases to amaze me.  Our oldest child is no longer the tiny baby we used to rock in our arms each night, as she now is the lovely pre-teen who still holds our hands, as well as our hearts.  She is truly beautiful inside and out, and she has a self-confidence and self-assurance that I wish I had when I was her age and even now.  In her world, everyone is kind and loving; she likes everyone, and everyone likes her.  She is innocent, sweet, and caring, and she also is wickedly funny, bright, and creative.  I look ahead to the teen years with some trepidation, but I have faith in that she will navigate them successfully, with her dad and me beside her.

Happy birthday to you, my child, and thank you for making me your mom.  I love you!

That’s another story . . .

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  1. Awe, such a heartwarming, beautiful post! Happy Birthday to your “little girl”! ❤

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