The Answer to Life’s Questions


Two things that people who know me well can attest to are: (1) I am an absolute stickler when it comes to grammar and spelling and (2) I can be funny and witty at times.  Earlier this evening, one of my friends and I were laughing about creating a new blog entitled “Irregardless”, as an homage to an ongoing inside joke between us.  The idea remained with me well after our conversation ended, and I decided to take our tongue-in-check blog and bring it to life.  I am not sure what this blog will grow up to be, but even if no-one else reads, likes, or understands it, the very thought of this blog makes me laugh out loud, so, that, in and of itself, makes it worth it.  So, here we go . . .

Recently, a group of children from a local church made colorful index cards with biblical verses written on them to comfort, inspire, and encourage the men who are guests at the day shelter where I work.  This was a very sweet gesture indeed, and it also proved to be an unintentionally funny gesture, thanks to two of the index cards.  Actually, a third index card of an anatomically correct male animal provided some sophomoric humor, but I digress.  Among the index cards, I found both the title for my never-to-be-written self-help book and the answers to life’s questions.

Irregardless of what the question is, who asks it, or the context, responding with the very Zen-like, “Go hunt like a tiger” and/or “Be strong like an elephant” is always the right answer.  Always.

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  1. I am also a stickler for proper grammar and spelling in other people’s writing, but not my own lol! I cannot stand editing my own writing, so I usually leave “as is” 😉


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