It’s A Thursday Thing


I savor the period following Mother’s Day and preceding Father’s Day.  Until we find a way to over-commercialize and exploit Memorial Day, this is a period free of the stress, debt, and dysfunction that some other holidays trigger.  I find that the older I get, the less I enjoy many major holidays for the reasons listed.  For one particular friend, though, there is an entirely different reason to be indifferent to what happens to be one of my favorite holidays.

Irregardless of the fact that Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on all there is to be grateful for and to express gratitude for these blessings, my friend does not share these sentiments.  When the topic of holidays and family traditions came up during a recent conversation, my friend nonchalantly remarked, “Thanksgiving doesn’t mean that much to me.  It’s just a Thursday thing.”  Apparently, just like location is everything in real estate, the day of the week is everything when it comes to embracing a particular holiday.  I am not quite sure what day of the week would have made Thanksgiving more desirable in their eyes, but thanks to its Thursday designation, Thanksgiving is a real turkey, at least to one person.

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