As stated in the inaugural post for “Irregardless”, I have a high regard for the English language, and the written word truly fascinates me.  The use of the word ‘irregardless’ is tongue-in-cheek, but the stories shared here are true.  The truth is stranger, and sometimes funnier, than fiction, and one misplaced word can change the entire meaning of the message trying to be conveyed.  So, make sure you choose your words wisely .

Irregardless of how much research one compiles, how impassioned one’s plea is, or how compelling one’s argument is, choosing the word ‘notorious’ to describe a school when trying to win a debate about where one’s child should attend school is ill-advised.  That is, unless the child is being educated to be a gangster, rapper, or cover artist of Duran Duran’s song of the same name.  Word up . . .


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