Everything Old is New Again


Sometimes, I feel as if the world has run out of original ideas.  Some “new” movies and television shows are merely remakes of old movies and shows.  Broadway offers up “revivals”, which is just a theatrical way of saying “rerun”, artists remake songs, and fashion designers put a modern twist on fashion trends of years gone by.  Apparently, the trend of going old school, if you will, even applies in the world of business.

Irregardless of the fact that it is the 21st century, some corporate executives still emulate Gordon Gekko, from his slicked back hair and suspenders to his pithy and, sometimes, nonsensical sayings.  While I have heard nothing quite like my own pithy and nonsensical advice to “Hunt like a tiger” and “Be strong like an elephant”, I do have to give props to the directive from one Gordon Gekko wannabe to operate from a “position of strength” and to “trust, yet verify”.  Deep .  .  . like a puddle.

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