School’s Out, but Kindness is Still In


I am finally beginning to feel physically better, which definitely is a motivator to do a better job when it comes to doing something positive for myself and for others.  In addition to finally being on the mend, it also happens to be the last day of school for my daughters, so, I enjoyed a boost in my mood today, as well.  The road to recovery and the last day of school provided the respective backdrops to the one thing I did for myself and the one thing I did for my daughters today.

I didn’t exactly bound out of bed this morning, as I still felt weighed down by lingering congestion and fatigue, but I did manage to get up and get going.  As tempting as it was to keep hitting the snooze button, my feet finally hit the floor and made their way to the elliptical trainer for a workout.  Even though I am not feeling my best, I gave it my best shot, and it proved to be the best medicine.  I was so motivated by this morning’s come back that I bought new running shoes this afternoon, and now that the warm weather has returned, I really am looking forward to breaking them in soon.

Since today marked the last day of school, I really wanted to be there when my daughters were dismissed from school to congratulate them on an awesome year and to celebrate their accomplishments.  So, I only worked part of the day, in order to be there to pick them from the noon dismissal and offered to treat them to lunch.  They were so excited to see me and showered me with big hugs, kisses, smiles, and laughs, and they each thanked me several times for being there.  Each of my daughters’ classes planned an afternoon celebration, but my daughters both said that they just wanted the three of us to have lunch together.  As they approach their teenage years, I know that choosing to spend time with me, instead of their friends, may no longer be the norm, so, I was more than happy to honor their request and reserve a table for three at one of their favorite local restaurants.  We toasted the end of the year and the beginning of a summer of fun together.  I’d say that we are off to a great start!


Just one thing each day  . . .

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  1. I am glad you are feeling a little better!
    Buckaroo still has two weeks to go for he is out, I can’t wait! 🙂

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