Bless Your Heart


I am the only one in my family of origin who was born and raised south of the Mason-Dixon line, and I pride myself on upholding the mantle of southern hospitality and good manners.  I also have taken it upon myself to raise my two daughters to carry on these traditions, and most recently, I shared with them an essential southern phrase that can be used in a variety of circumstances and can take on more than one meaning.  If you are a southerner, you know very well what I mean, and if you are not from the South, well, never you mind.

Irregardless of what I teach my daughters, I always want them to use these lessons for good.  So, during a recent disagreement with my older daughter, when she became frustrated with me and said, “Bless your heart, Mama”, I didn’t know whether to praise or punish her.  Her tone and inflection were spot on, as was the context, but she definitely could have chosen a better recipient.  Teach your children well, but not too well.

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