In Bloom


As I sat in my living room sipping hot green tea this morning, I caught a glimpse of these gorgeous flowers out of the corner of my eye.  When did they bloom?!  I am not one for the obvious (obviously), and I am grateful that I noticed them before their blooms had come and gone.  They are a beautiful reminder that I need to take more time to stop and smell the roses (and other flowers), literally and figuratively.

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  1. Such a wonderful reminder! When I worked the night shift @ the hospital, and slept during the day, I missed all the beauty in the seasons changing etc.

  2. Such beautiful color to them!

    • Thank you so much! While my parents and two older sisters have homes and gardens full of lush green plants and flowers, I am known as the Dr. Kevorkian of flora and fauna, as I have unintentionally have killed just about every house plant entrusted to my care. It is divine mercy and intervention that the outdoor plants, such as these two, have survived and thrived!

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