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I love to read and have books that span the literary landscape, and it comes as no surprise that given my career as a social worker and my personal experiences with depression and anxiety that self-help books have a prominent place in my personal library.  After being out of sorts lately, I found myself seeking solace and advice from some suggested self-help books.  While I appreciated the wisdom and suggestions contained in some of these books, I was given pause about what happened next.

Irregardless of the fact that knowledge is power, as I perused the self-help topics, I found myself in the midst of a full-blown anxiety attack and left feeling powerless, as I was faced with the knowledge that apparently I am inadequate physically, mentally, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, and financially, based on the titles of these books.  I was utterly overwhelmed by all the changes proposed in the myriad of books before me, and the issue that sent me seeking knowledge had now morphed into a multitude of issues that needed to be addressed and resolved.  So, in addition to my first never-to-be-written self-help book, “Hunt Like a Tiger, Be Strong Like an Elephant”, I am going to follow-up with the sequel, “Help Yourself: Recovering from Self-Help Book Induced Inadequacy and Anxiety”.  Perhaps, reading is overrated after all.


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  1. Oh my I can relate to this! Similar to surfing the net about my heart stuff, or reading parenting books for me. And I love the title of your book, you really should write it, you have so much wisdom to share! 🙂


    • While this tongue-in-cheek, there definitely is some truth among the humor. I really did have an anxiety attack, as I kept thinking how much I had to do to change and that I had to do it immediately, lest I spend one more day being less than adequate. It truly can drive you crazy. So, I am taking a step back, putting the books down, and listening to my intuition. I am perfectly flawed!


  2. You are not feeling well after receiving a promotion which likely has more tasks and more stress. Hang in – when your sinus infection is gone, other things will seem better, too. Good luck – you are doing important work!


    • Many thanks; I appreciate the continued support and kind words. This latest bump in the road has to do with a situation in my personal life, but the sinus infection and new position at work definitely come into play. Hope you are well!


  3. I do hope you are able to sort through the situation in your personal life – whatever it may be.
    As for the self help books, many of them are contradictory. the good thing about that is, f you keep looking there will be one that says you are fine how you are 🙂


  4. Thank you for this post…it resonated with me more than I can say. I also deal with depression and anxiety and am facing it head on right now…..being unemployed, financial issues. I have also put the slef help books down….but I do like Therese Borchard who wrote “beyond Blue” and “The Pocket Therapist.” She mixes a lot of humor with the serious stuff,


    • Sheila, I am sorry that you are not in the best of places right now, and I hope that you know that you are not alone. Take good care of yourself, and ask for help along the way. Your circumstances are temporary, even when they seem to be everlasting. Hang in there!


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