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I may not have taken the time to write this blog post yesterday, but I did take time to do something for myself and for my older daughter.  Both of these acts had to do with listening to my intuition, and by simply listening to my intuition and then following through with what I “heard”, I was able to make positive differences for both of us.  It reminded me that silence truly is golden.

Twice now, Beth Ballard, a “messenger”, has told me that I am “highly intuitive” and that I need to meditate more to tap into this intuitive gift that I have, yet often ignore, which reminds me of my report cards that are littered with teachers’ comments saying that I “talk too much” or being referred to over the years as the “mouth of the south”.  I am an unlikely intuitive person, it would seem, but as difficult as it is for me to be silent, I know that it is true on some level, for there have been a number of times in my life when every fiber of my body, heart, mind, and baby soul literally scream out to get my attention.  When I have chosen to ignore my intuition, things generally do not go well, and when I let my intuition guide me, the results usually surpass my highest expectations.  So, yesterday, when I was faced with a dilemma of sorts, I stopped seeking outside advice from trusted friends and inspirational books for a moment to sit with  myself in silence.  That practice was quite uncomfortable actually, but when the silence gave way to an inner voice whispering the answer to my question, I felt more at peace and self-assured.  As my wise mentor and trusted friend, Trude, had said to me earlier in the day, “All you need to heal is waiting within you . . . waiting to wake up.”  Late last night, I began to rub the sleep from eyes, and my eyes are wide open today.

I also listened to my intuition regarding my older daughter who has been having some physical problems this week.  After a visit to the pediatrician’s office two days ago, I left there not fully trusting the diagnosis given, for no other reason than it did not “feel right”.  I attempted to ignore my gut feeling, but it kept nagging at me.  Finally, last night, my ex-husband and I agreed that we needed to get a second opinion, so, he took our daughter to the emergency room, where the tests confirmed that my initial suspicion about what was causing her pain was correct.  Thankfully, it is nothing serious at all, and she is beginning to feel better already.  I may not  have a medical degree, but I do possess a mother’s intuition, which I used to help my daughter begin to feel better.  That was a very good thing indeed.

Just one thing each day . . .


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  1. Having good intuition can be challenging at times, but good for you, mom’s always know best! ❤


  2. i am glad you followed your intuition and received a second opinion. Mother’s intuition is always correct.


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