If you haven’t figured it out by now, please, allow me to share a little fact about myself.  I love writing.  Whether it be a note to someone or a blog post, I truly enjoy writing.  The written word is powerful and meaningful, and I express myself best when I write, even though I do possess the gift for gab.  Today, I was able to use my love of writing to do something kind for myself and for my two daughters.

One of the errands that my daughters and I needed to run this afternoon involved a stop at the drugstore to pick a few items, which included birthday cards and Father’s Day cards.  While my daughters busied themselves picking out Father’s Day cards, I picked up a card for each one of them on the sly.  Tomorrow morning, they are leaving on a six-day trip, and I am going to surprise them with cards in their carry-on bags.  I want them to know that I am thinking of them and miss them when they are gone, and I know that they will enjoy the cards a lot.  They really do appreciate little things like that, and I love to do things like that for them.  They always are appreciative readers of my words and two of my favorite people to write for actually.

I also used writing today to help myself.  Just being able to take the time to write this blog makes me happy in a way that I cannot adequately describe.  Just the other day, I talked with my daughters about what the phrase “Follow Your Bliss” means and how important it is to do things that make you feel happy and fulfilled, and I told them how I loved to write when I was their age and how grateful I am to have rediscovered this love for writing as an adult.  It was a poignant conversation with the two of them, and it was a wonderful reminder to lead by example in doing something good for myself and others.  Everyone should follow their bliss indeed.

Just one thing each day . . .

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  1. What a lovely idea writing cards for your daughters they will discover later! I love it 🙂


  2. I also have rediscovered writing.
    It is interesting how I put it away for so many years and yet now it is my sanity
    You write well.
    Do keep it up. 🙂


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