Over, Under, or Around


Trail Running in Louisville , KY on June 18, 2013

Three days prior to this picture being taken, this tree joined the other trees along the trail in providing me with a canopy of shade, but on this particular evening, it provided me with a challenge.  Life on and off the trails offers up unexpected obstacles, and it then becomes my decision in how to proceed.  Do I face the obstacle head on?  Do I retreat?  Do I circumvent it completely?  Do I ignore it?  Do I use it as a means of propelling me forward?  The choice is mine, and I chose to go under the tree and came out feeling on top of the world.  Onward down the trails I ran, and I was happy.

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6 replies

  1. Aah! Now is the question….. is there a way we can go ‘under’ the challenges that are thrown at us in life?


  2. Wonderful questions to ponder!


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