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Day two of the summertime crud found me home from work again, ensconced in my pajamas with the couch as my base of operations for the day.  Even though I was under the weather and homebound, I still managed to do something positive for myself and for a special friend.  I accepted help, and I, in turn, offered my help.

After a fitful night of sleep, I was not surprised to wake up still feeling feverish and achy.  I realized that I needed to take another sick day from work, as not to contaminate anyone and in order to rest and recover.  I am so fortunate to have caring friends and family to check on me and to offer their help, but sometimes, it is tough for me to accept their gracious offers of assistance, due to my own pride and high expectations for myself, even when I am ill.  Tonight, though, when my ex-husband offered to keep our daughters overnight with him to give me another night to rest, I took him up on his offer.  I miss spending time with my daughters, but I know that another night to rest will help me to welcome them with open arms tomorrow for a weekend of fun.

Since I am home alone this evening, I decided to surprise a friend of mine by helping them with a task that has been weighing on them recently.  Unlike me, my friend is in a job that they do not particularly enjoy for a host of reasons, so, they have decided to explore other job options.  Since I am home alone with time on my hands, I did some preliminary job searches on their behalf and forwarded a number of job positions that may be of interest to them.  Even if none of these job postings leads anywhere, I hope that I may have eliminated some of the initial leg work for them and given them some ideas to explore further.  I also hope my friend realizes that I always have their back and will do my best to help, whether asked or not, because that’s what true friends do for one another.  We stick together.

Just one thing each day . . .

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  1. You are an awesome friend….thanks for the heads up on the case manager job!!


  2. I hope you are able to get some rest! And best of luck with your friend finding a job they enjoy, I’m sure your leads were helpful! 🙂


  3. I think there is a signal there of where your heart lies, looking out for your friend, even when you were not 100% your self. What a fantastic friend you are.


    • Elizabeth, thanks for the wonderful compliment, as I strive to be a true friend, and I don’t ever want to be the kind of person who only is there for the good times. I’ve been blessed w/people who support me, and I just wanted to do something for my friend to help in a tangible way.


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