Please, Hang Up & Try Again


This afternoon, I had to contact my cell phone carrier’s customer service department about a problem with my phone.  I have been with the same carrier since I got my first cell phone and am a loyal customer, and I always have had both great service and reception.  Today, though, gave me pause.

Irregardless of how much loyal I am, when the customer service representative’s only advice to correct the problem with my phone was to do a hard reset by removing the battery and then reinstalling it, something I already am well-versed in doing, followed by the another suggestion that began with, “Irregardless . . .”, my loyalty and trust began to erode.   I have no idea what she said after that, because my brain nearly exploded.  All I know is that I am having my umpteenth replacement cell phone and battery shipped to me, and my brain still hurts.

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