Make ‘Em Laugh


I am nothing if not entertaining, and I have perfected the art of self-deprecating humor.  A good sense of humor is a quality I value in others a great deal, and I like being able to make people smile and laugh as much, if not more, than I like when someone else makes me laugh and smile.  Today, I was able to employ my wit to brighten the day of a special friend of mine, which, in turn, made me feel even happier.  It is in giving that you receive, and today, I definitely was reminded of that.

This particular friend and I often joke with one another and laugh easily and readily when we talk with one another, and over the years, we have accumulated a number of inside jokes that can make us dissolve in a fit of giggles.  These jokes never get old, and even though no-one else may see the humor in our inside jokes, we certainly do.  So, I ended the week by taking one of these inside jokes to the next level, which made my friend smile, laugh, and blush.  Mission accomplished!

I was going to try to describe what I did in more detail

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  1. This describes me, too. I love to laugh!! Divorced last year and now with my Michael I laugh every day, sometimes all day long. I love to make him laugh. I love to hear others laugh. It has got to be the best sound in the world. Thanks!


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