Saturday Sky


June 29, 2013, Louisville, Kentucky

I felt out of sorts today, and the sky seemed to mimic my emotions or vice versa.  Sunshine would give way to rain clouds, then the rain clouds would move aside to let the sun shine once more.  Tonight, the rain clouds moved in to stay for a spell, and I took this picture about an hour before the sky opened up.  It is a peaceful, rainy evening, which has led to a clearing of the storm clouds in my mind. 


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5 replies

  1. How about a semi-auto bi-matic augraphy? 😉

    When you hear the latest chapter, whats that line from tge JuluexRoverts movie where she lives on thatt equsicontratian horse ranch with her sister The Closer? Oh yeah, yiu’ll shit yer britches!

    U could use some help making the practical side seem believable. 😉

    We need to talk tho can’t email the details. 😉 tomorrow do you have some time?


  2. Beautiful! The photo reminds me of the little town I used to live in 🙂


  3. This photo looks like a painting with brush-strokes all over the sky.


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