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As I mentioned in another post, “Pampering is More Than Skin Deep”, I woke up this morning feeling out of sorts, and I could not shake these negative feelings, no matter what I tried.  I employed every coping mechanism I have successfully used in the past, but nothing worked, or perhaps, it was I that wasn’t working.  Regardless, I felt somewhat anxious and depressed, which triggered feelings of frustration, shame, and self-doubt.  I really dislike these moments, especially since I have gotten used to not having them.  I just wanted to retreat under my covers and not emerge until Monday.

Since my daughters are with me this weekend, hiding under the covers was not a viable option, so, I did what I instinctively do whenever something happens in my life, whether it be positive or negative, significant or insignificant, and everything in between, I turned to my special friend who is my ‘go to’ person.  My special friend is special for many reasons, and some day, I hope to be able to tell the story of our friendship, as it is interesting indeed.  For now, though, I will focus on what my friend did for me today.

When my “mind goes to a bad place”, as my friend says, it is like an out-of-body and out of mind experience, as I can feel the snowball effect of the negative thoughts, but have difficulty being able to stop them sometimes.  It is maddening!  Thankfully, my friend is adept at helping me see my way through the madness, and I am able to be vulnerable and honest with myself and with them.  Professionally and personally, I am in the role of being a helper, so, I am grateful that when I need help, I know that I can count on some trusted friends and family members, with my special friend being the first one I run to generally.  Even when they cannot change the situation or offer any answers or solutions, they do offer me support and acceptance and help give me a different perspective on whatever is troubling me.  Most of all, they stick around and believe me when I say, “I’ve got this’, even when I am not so sure of myself and my dreams.

My friend and I are not perfect as individuals or as a friends, but we are perfectly flawed and still manage to be there for one another, which we do not take for granted.  Today, this person helped me get back on track in time to be able to enjoy a wonderful evening with my younger daughter, and for that and countless other reasons, I want to thank them from the bottom of my big heart.  They truly are a special friend indeed.

That’s another story . . .

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  1. LOVE your photo!! You look so real, someone I’d like to pull up a chair by. =)


  2. My own heart shares gratitude as I could not imagine surviving or thriving without such persons in my life. The “bad neighborhood” of my mind is best traveled not alone. What a gift! I suspect allowing your friend to “be there” provided a blessing for him/her as well. I delight in win-win situations. Glad you were able to reach out.~


    • Ellen, thank you for your continued support and for taking the time to share your own experiences, as I appreciate both. I never would have gotten to where I am today without such incredible people, especially my special friend, helping me to get out of the “bad place in my mind” and find a much healthier, happier place in my life. It certainly helps to have such people in my life, and I am glad you’re blessed with a great support system, too!


  3. Your friend sounds amazing, just like you! 🙂 Having people in our life that can truly take us for “where we are at” is a blessing, as they are hard to find. I am so glad you were able to turn things around and enjoy the evening with your daughter! And I hope today is much better! ❤


    • Thanks on both counts! My friend is one of the people who stood by me when others did not, and I value our friendship greatly. We, too, have our share of ups and downs, but we always manage to find our way back to solid ground. Today is much better, in part thanks to this special friend.


  4. Your posting today really resonated with me… as I have a depressive and anxiety disorder. Some days really suck and it is wonderful that you have such a special friend to help you get some perspective. I too have a friend that understands what it feels like when I am in that space. Glad you got to enjoy your night with your young daughter. I just starting fostering a sweet dog so I can’t hide under the covers either, She is a nice motivator and laughter therapy. Take care…..


  5. I, too, am a “helper” in most aspects of my life and it’s tough for me to reach out, almost as though it’s a sign of weakness to do that. Reading your post reminded me of what can happen when I reach out to the right person. Thank you for that.


    • Judith, many thanks for taking the time to read this post and for sharing your thoughts, as I am grateful for both. I definitely have not always reached out to the right people for help, but I am extremely thankful that I do have people in my life who are there for me always. My special friend is truly a gem!


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