Obstacle Course


Thankfully, the local meteorologists’ forecast of rain today has yet to come to light, so, I took full advantage of their mistake and hit the trails for a long run.  It always amazes me how the terrain and scenery along the trails can change, sometimes, overnight, and as I wrote about in a prior post, there can be unforeseen obstacles along the way.  Today, I captured some of the obstacles I encountered to share here.


This was the first obstacle I encountered on today’s trail run, and I had to decide how to handle it.  When on the trails, turning back is rarely the best option, and so, I went over the downed tree without missing a step.



One of the trickiest parts of trail running is the ability to navigate the uneven terrain, as there are roots, ruts, and rocks that can literally trip you up, if you do not learn the art of keeping your eyes fixed on the ground in front of you, while scanning the horizon to prepare for what lies ahead.  You cannot run at the same pace for the entire trail run, because if you don’t slow down and step lightly when faced with an incline littered with tree roots like the one pictured above, you risk falling and sustaining an injury.  Speed and agility must co-exist peacefully on a trail run, as both are necessary elements for a safe run.


There are points along the trail that involve water.  Despite torrential rain recently, the water at this point of my run was not high enough to cause a problem, but it made the rocks slippery, so, caution was needed.  You have to see both the obvious obstacle, as well as the one lurking beneath the surface.


One of the final obstacles required me to take a detour to go around the fallen tree, as there was no way to go over or under it.  I was not sure where the detour would lead me, but I knew that it was my only way to move forward.  I trusted that I would be able to find my way, and I kept running.  Sure enough, the detour led me back to the path that had been blocked, only now, it was clear ahead of me.  You cannot always predict the obstacles that you will encounter on and off of the trails, but you have the ability to choose how to approach them.  My advice, find your way over, under, around, or through whatever challenges come your way without losing your way along the trails you travel in life, and keep going . . .

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  1. When I was a kid, the farmers usta take their Sunday drives around the neighboring areas to critique everyone else’s field work. County K the paved shortcut over to the main WI n/s highway was always busy ob Sundays cause my Granpa Cecil’s fieldwork was always the marker to beat. No one could plant straighter rows of corn than he did with the two row plow and planter and NOONE kept plowing the weeds until the corn was too high to pass under the Farmall B and the original equipment he kept welded and wired together for the 70 years he tended his plot.

    The one thing people would comment on of his was a tree stump in the center of one field he plowed around all those years.

    Your story reminds me of his simple wisdom which helped me navigate the “high falutin finance world of big buithneth” thru a very rough and stormy career.

    “Sometimes its just easier to plow around the stump.”

    Thanks for the Sunday memory,

    Vagabond Ted


  2. It is always great to go on a walk or run through amazing countryside and trails.
    the one you have pictured looks fantastic 🙂


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