Rainy Days & Mondays


Thunderstorms have bookended this Monday, and unlike the popular Carpenters’ song suggests, rainy days and Mondays do not always get me down.  In fact, I rather like rainy Mondays, as I sit here with my windows open listening to the pouring rain and enjoying the cool breeze.  Plus, I am feeling like a bad ass that I remembered to clean out the French drain to prevent the garage from flooding again.  So, all in all, it has been a good Monday, especially since I was able to do something nice for myself and for a friend.

I kicked off this new day, new week, and new month by doing an interval workout that combined cardio and strength exercises, and it definitely boosted my energy level and my mood.  While I would rather do cardio exercise than strength or resistance training, I like how I feel physically when I regularly do both, and I understand that the latter is necessary as a part of preventative health measures.  So, even though I did not necessarily want to do it, I did it nonetheless, and I was so glad that I did.  It was a much-needed reminder that not feeling like doing something is not a good excuse to not do what I know is the best or right thing to do.

Recently, a friend of mine mentioned something that they would like to buy for themselves, but they just had not gotten around to doing it.  It is a small item, but one that I know that they like a lot.  This person works very hard and puts their family first, which means that they do not do nice things for themselves as often as they should.  So, I decided to surprise them by having the item sent to them, and it was shipped out today.  I thoroughly love surprising my family and friends, as I know that it means a lot to them to receive a reminder out of the blue that they are remembered, loved, and appreciated.  Now, I just have to contain my excitement, as not to give away the surprise!

Just one thing each day . . .

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