Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head


It is another rainy day here in Kentucky, and apparently, the rain is here to stay for a few more days.  I always get a kick out of people who complain about the weather, because (1) they cannot change or control it and (2) unless they are one the men who are homeless whom I have the pleasure of working with, it is really hard for me to empathize with weather whiners after watching what my guys endure when battling the elements on a daily basis.  So, I, for one, am rather enjoying these quiet, rainy days, and they certainly have not dampened my spirits or my motivation to show myself and others some kindness.

Thanks to the rain, I had the opportunity to do something kind for a stranger this afternoon.  It is my weekend to work at the day shelter for homeless men, and I was busy with the usual hustle and bustle when something unusual happened.  A woman approached me at the front desk, and she introduced herself and explained that she lived in the neighborhood near the day shelter.  She looked and sounded exasperated, as she explained that she set her umbrella on her front porch to dry, and when she went out to retrieve it a few hours later, it was nowhere to be found.  As her eyes scanned the men in the day shelter, without saying a word, I knew what she was insinuating.  I told her that I was sorry to hear about her umbrella, and she expressed her frustration that someone appeared to have stolen her umbrella and continued to survey the men present.  There was no way to prove or disprove that any of our guys were involved in the theft, and I decided that it was better to be kind than right.  So, I offered her an extra umbrella that I keep in my car.  She was a bit surprised at my offer and sheepishly accepted it, and when I handed it to her, her affect and voice softened, as she thanked me repeatedly.  I do not know what happened to her umbrella, but I do know that our neighbor left with a smile on her face and a new umbrella in her hand, which was both the right and kind thing to do.

On a rainy evening, I usually relish time to be alone, and while that sounds quite appealing actually, I am choosing to do something for myself later that will brighten my day and warm my heart.  I am going to meet some of my dear friends to celebrate our wonderful friend’s birthday.  These friends are truly some of my favorite people in the world, and to be in their company to share food, drink, conversation, and laughter is one of the kindest things I can do for myself today.  I am looking forward to ending the day on a high note that cannot be washed out by the weather or anything else, for that matter.

Just one thing each day . . .


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  1. A night out with good friends sounds divine! 🙂

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