From Here to Anxiety


Yesterday definitely was not one of my better days, as I felt the unwelcome return of my once constant companion, anxiety.  It led to what I call a “day of doubt”, which means that I doubted myself, my goals and dreams, and the intentions of those closest to me.  If you have never experienced anxiety, be grateful, as it is mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually debilitating to various degrees, and it simply is awful.  Considering how I felt, I was not very confident in my ability to do something positive for myself or for anyone else, but leave it to the magic of the movies to come to the rescue.

Yesterday afternoon, I treated my two daughters and one of my best friends, Wood, to a showing of “Despicable Me 2”.  My girls love going to the movies, especially with Wood as a guest, as he is always upbeat, funny, and just downright fabulous.  As much as it was a treat for them, it also proved to be a much-needed treat for me, as well.  For about ninety minutes, the four of us lost ourselves in the action and humor on the big screen and laughed hysterically at the characters’ antics.  The storyline, the popcorn, the drinks, and, most of all, the stellar company helped me to get out of my anxiety-addled mind and focus on being in the moment.  All four of us enjoyed our time together at the movies, and it was a sweet treat indeed.

Just one thing each day . . .

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  1. Feeling anxious is such an unsettling feeling and I am so happy the day turned around around!


    • I always have found the depression so much easier to deal with than the anxiety, and while I have both under control now overall, I still get thrown for a loop when the anxiety hits. Being able to turn the day around always is a huge accomplishment, so, thank you for recognizing that!


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