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Today, what I did for myself and for others involved my two daughters and Louisville local business owners’ entreaty to “Keep Louisville Weird”.  Even though the return of sunshine drove up the mercury, my girls turned down a trip to the pool for a trip to Crescent Hill, a local neighborhood that was once my home and that remains home to blocks and blocks of local shops that serve up unique, unduplicated treasures.  We often pass these local gems on our way to and from other destinations, but this afternoon, we parked the car and walked from one place to the other, doing some good along the way.

When the girls and I began our outing, I thought that spending the afternoon indulging them in the activity of their choosing was the one positive thing that I could do today for others.  While it certainly was something that they both appreciated and enjoyed, as we went from shop to shop, making small purchases along the way, I became aware that every item that we bought helped a local business owner and put money back into the community that my daughters and I are proud to call our home.  We loved our one-of-a-kind finds, and more than that, we loved being able to help other Louisvillians survive and thrive in an unpredictable economy.  When I explained the concept of shopping locally to my daughters, they both agreed that we need to shop at our new favorite local stores more often and already are planning our next excursion.

Our local adventure also proved to be a very positive thing that I did for myself.  I had the day off of work, and I was so tempted to spend it cleaning and running errands, when all I really wanted to  do was to spend time with my daughters having some fun.  So, I put aside my “To Do” list in favor of spending time doing what my daughters wanted to do today.  Time with them always is time well spent, and I forgot all about responsibilities, work projects, household tasks, etc. and relished giggles, chatter, and holding hands.  They are two of the special people in my life who help bring out the best in me and encourage me to do what is best for myself and for others.

Just one thing each day  . . .

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  1. The town sounds amazing, I absolutely love little shops! I can only imagine all the unique and beautiful things you all saw. 🙂 And buying local is always a wonderful idea!


  2. Good for you to shop locally and enhance the local businesses and friendliness in the town.
    What a pleasant way to spend time with your daughters.


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