Stupid Is As Stupid Does


One of the many things that my special friend and I share with one another are positive sayings, quotes, and stories that we come across in our respective lives  Some of these positive sayings and what not have resonated deeply with one or both of us and have been assigned such lofty accolades as “inspiring”, “motivating”, “life changing”, “sublime”, etc.  We have shared so many of these positive things over the years and had some great discussions about what they mean to each of us, that sometimes, I feel like we have said it all.  Leave it to my special friend, though, to come up with a unique description for yesterday’s shared positive quotes.

Irregardless of how these positive quotes have been described, categorized, and labeled, my friend’s unintentionally humorous description of them as “stupid positive sayings” has to be a first, especially since it was said without a hint of negativity.  Bless their heart, they can be positively funny without even meaning to do so, and I will refrain from commenting on whether or not they are positively stupid sometimes, as well.

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