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Yesterday was a day that allowed me to do something positive inside and out for myself, and it also gave me a chance to do something kind for one of my sisters.  I had the day off from work, and it ended up  being a day of both working and playing.  I began the day having a physical that was two years overdue, which is not like me, as I am fastidious with keeping my annual OB/GYN and mammogram appointments and my twice yearly gastroenterology appointment.  Somehow, though, I neglected to have an overall physical that my general practitioner recommends having every two years, so, following through with this particular appointment was one of the best things to do for myself.  Recently, I have had a number of friends who have been dealing with health issues, and while I cannot control every aspect of my health, I can make healthy choices, one of them being preventative care and making healthy choices each day.  After attending to my physical health, I spent the latter part of the afternoon indulging in having my hair colored and cut before heading out for a fun evening with friends over dinner and drinks.  By the time I returned home, my stomach and heart were both full, and I felt really good about what I had done for myself inside and out morning, noon, and night.

It was an unfortunate incident that led me to being able to do something kind for one of my older sisters and her husband.  On Thursday evening, one of their beloved dogs unexpectedly passed away after a short illness, leaving them heart-broken.  Having been in their shoes before, I empathized with the pain of losing a part of their family, and I felt helpless as to what to do to both express my condolences and lessen their grief.  In the end, I knew that grief is a process that must be experienced in order to heal and that I just needed to let them know that I am here for them.  So, I sent them a bouquet of flowers, in addition to a note of condolences.  I cannot change anything, but I can do my part to make this loss more bearable and to let them know that they are not alone.

Just one thing each day . . .

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  1. Sounds like a great day and you are definitely a great sister. Losing a pet can be devastating for some. There are so many people that just don’t get it.

    • Thanks so much for your kind feedback! I have lost a number of pets over the years, and they truly are members of the family. This loss was so unexpected, and I feel so badly for my sister and her husband.

  2. Awe, I am sure the flowers and card were very, very much appreciated! Few people understand the pain of losing a pet and I know at least for myself having someone recognize and understand how difficult it is, does make a difference! 🙂

    • They really are members of the family, and I know firsthand that the loss of a pet can be heart breaking. My younger daughter made them a picture collage of their dogs and cat to cheer them up, and I know that they liked the flowers a lot, too.

  3. What lovely gestures.. I am sure that it made them smile, even if just for a minute, thinking of their beloved pet family member I know what a tremendous loss that is…..

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