Mundane Monday


It was definitely more of a mundane Monday than a manic Monday, which is not necessarily a negative thing, especially since my energy level is low courtesy of a lingering sinus infection.  Even though I was not feeling quite ready to take on Monday, it was there waiting for me when I opened my eyes, so, I made the decision to do my best with the energy, skills, knowledge, and motivation I possessed.  There is nothing like the fresh start that a new week brings, and I was ready for a new beginning and the chance to do some good for myself and others.

After hitting some emotional rough spots over the weekend, I was focused on doing as many positive things for myself today and the rest of the week as possible, and before I shut my eyes last night, or rather in the wee hours of the morning actually, I devised a list of positive steps to take today, with the first one being to exercise.  Unfortunately, fatigue and congestion forced me to take a different step, but the important thing is that I took a step, rather than stand still or take a step backward.  I did not feel up for a physical work out, but I was able to begin my day with prayer and a breakfast of fruit, yogurt, and granola and hot ginger tea, which nourished my baby soul and body, respectively.  Throughout the day, I gave myself credit for all of the positive steps I was able take, no matter how small they were, for small steps can add up to big changes.  It was not the day I envisioned , but it was a day I can be proud of overall.

As I was leaving work, I had the chance to do something nice for a colleague.  It was a hazy, hot, and humid afternoon here in Louisville.  It was the kind of day when minimal exertion causes maximum perspiration, so, when one of my co-workers needed to go pick up something for work, I agreed to drive him there, even though it was only a few blocks away.  It was a bit out of my way, but it was worth it.  It was a cool thing to do on a scorching hot day.

Just one thing each day . . .

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  1. Always moving forward. And even if they are small steps, we will get there! ❤

  2. It is interesting how Mondays can set the tone for the week.
    It is great that you turned your Monday into a positive day ahead of a positive week.
    Love that attitude!

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