Kindness Travels Well

Thanks to a work conference, I have taken my little dog and pony show on the road for a bit. So, I ask for your patience and understanding as I try my hand at blogging while I travel and without my laptop. I am experiencing a bit of separation anxiety, but the show and the kindness must go on.

I enjoyed a smooth and safe flight, only to be met by a delay with the luggage and rude people in the taxi queue. Then, a stranger’s kindness put the day back on track and inspired me to return his kindness. We bonded over our mutual frustration that some people had bypassed the growing line of people in need of a taxi to move to the front of the line. We commiserated briefly about their rude behavior, and then, his taxi arrived, but that was not the end. No, it was just the beginning.

When my taxi pulled up, the attendant at the cab stand motioned me over and said that the stranger ahead of me asked if I would like to share his cab. I looked up to see the stranger smiling broadly, and he rushed over to explain that he overheard me say I was staying at the same hotel he was. I thanked him for offering to share the cab with me, introduced myself, and enjoyed a short, but delightful, taxi ride with him. By the time we arrived the hotel, the stranger was now ‘Irving’, and to thank him for his kindness, I paid for our taxi trip, which surprised and delighted him. It was a wonderful way to start the trip!

Since arriving at the hotel, I have treated myself to a leisurely afternoon of getting reacquainted with this city, people watching, reading, and writing, and a cat nap may be in the offing before meeting my friend, Donna, at the train station later. It has been such a good day, and her arrival will only make it better. Kindness has proven to be a fine traveling companion, and I am looking forward to seeing what other adventures and memories await us.

Just one thing each day . . .


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  1. Have an incredible trip..I know you will have wonderful and memorable adventures to share later. Take care of yourself and enjoy your time away.


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