It Takes All Kinds of Kind

Ever since landing in Washington, DC, a couple of days ago, I have been smiling big time. Although I am here on business, I kicked off my trip with some pleasure that included being kind to myself and others. Thanks to the stellar company of my amazing friend, Donna, having fun and being kind were two tasks easy to accomplish each day. Here are some of the ways I have tried to do just one thing each day to make a positive difference these past few days:

*I stayed present, in that I did not allow any professional or personal duties or concerns to distract me from enjoying a fun weekend with Donna.

*I talked and laughed a lot with Donna, which made my heart happy and my spirits soar.

*I treated Donna to dinner and some much-needed beverages to end our day on a great note.

*To thank Donna for making the trip here this weekend, I gave her a bracelet that is similar to the two I often wear. I hope it brings back happy memories whenever she wears it.

*Donna and I sent flowers to her sister/my friend, Mary, who was unable to join us this weekend. We wanted her to know that she was missed and remembered.

I am grateful for friends who bring out the best in me, and Donna certainly did just that this weekend. She had to leave this afternoon, but happy memories with her linger, and the quest to be kind continues.

Just one thing each day . . .

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  1. I am so very happy you are having well deserved you time! ❤


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