The Kindness of Strangers

Burning the candle at both ends lately has left me feeling a bit under the weather, and not feeling my best when I am on a trip makes me feel even worse. So, even though I was not physically my best today, I still did my best to do at least one positive thing for myself and others.

Being at this conference has afforded me plenty of opportunities to practice small acts of kindness throughout the day. While I enjoy helping friends and family, I also like doing things for strangers. I only know a handful of people at this event, so, here are some small things I did for my fellow conference attendees:

*I gave up my chair, so, an older woman could sit comfortably in a crowded afternoon session.

*I overheard a woman ask her colleague for Advil, but she did not have any with her, so, I offered her some of mine, which she eagerly and gratefully accepted.

*I made a conscious effort to be polite and upbeat, even though I did not feel great physically.

I also have been able to do some positive things for myself today. I am indulging in some self-care this evening, as I am relaxing and doing what I can do to feel better. I am doing some more reading, and a hot bath may be in my near future. It feels good to just be still and to rest, and I need to do that more often, lest my light be snuffed out completely.

Just one thing each day . . .

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