Choosing Happiness


After being in our nation’s Capitol for a week of work and play and then returning home for a long weekend with my special friend, I find myself playing catch up at home and at work.  During the past eleven days, I saw, heard, and experienced so many interesting people, places, and things, but unfortunately, I had limited opportunities to spend writing about them along the way.  As I sat down to write tonight after this brief break, one thing stood out above all others that I wanted to share.

My trip to Washington, DC began with a weekend of fun with my friend, Donna, and it was the perfect prelude to the business at hand.  We talked about anything and everything, laughed a lot, and indulged in delicious food and cold drinks, and I discovered that we are more alike than I ever realized, which I hope is not an insult to her.  As we shared some of the challenges we each have faced in our respective lives, Donna made a comment that resonated with me.  During one of our chats, she remarked, “I make the choice every day to be happy.”  While I have heard this sentiment stated in similar ways by other people, for some reason, when Donna said it, it struck a chord with me.

The more I think about this simple, yet powerful, statement, the more it means to me.  We shared stories, memories, thoughts, and feelings about a variety of things, and it quickly became apparent that we both have faced a number of challenges, heartaches, and disappointments.  Life definitely has not gone as planned for either one of us, and the present lives we lead are perfectly imperfect.  That said, we also have celebrated many successes, accomplishments, and blessings, and Donna’s decision to focus on the positives more than the negatives has become a motivating force for me of late.  It is easy to embrace happiness when everything is going well, but to be able to do so when things are not perfect is the true test.  Donna passes that test with flying colors!

Ever since I saw Donna off at Union Station over a week ago, I wake up each day making the decision to choose happiness, and when I feel stress, anxiety, and/or fear creep back in, I say to myself, “Choose happiness’, and it helps to get back on a positive track.  Life really is a series of choices, and when viewed through that lens, choosing to be happy is the best choice indeed.

That’s another story . . .

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  1. Glad you had such a wonderful trip and got to see your good friend! I think that “Choose Happiness” is going on my dry erase board in my kitchen!!


  2. I am so happy you had a great trip and that you are back! Choosing happiness is such a wonderful reminder! Very important during the times when things feel especially difficult, my heavens, it is so easy to forget there is a choice. 🙂


  3. I read this and thought about it. I don’t have to make that choice like I did before, it just is. I love that!


  4. You are correct that it is easy to remark that you are happy when times are going great, not so easy when times are tough. Thanks for the reminder that we can still do it if we try, we can still choose happiness. Thanks for another boost to my positiveness for the day.


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