Month: August 2013

Just My Type

Earlier this evening, I recalled some of the best advice my mother gave me, and I am grateful that at the age of seventeen, I actually listened to her and followed it.  What were the words of wisdom that she shared… Read More ›

Head to Toe

I spent this Monday making positive choices that have left me feeling good from head to toe.  I kicked off the work week with a challenging interval workout that got my heart pumping and left my muscles aching in a… Read More ›

Care Package

Today was a self-declared pajama day at home.  To be more precise, it was a tank-top-sweatpants-sweatshirt-flip flop day at home, and I spent a hot Sunday by myself looking like a true hot mess, with an emphasis on the mess. … Read More ›


While I am fond of sharing the unintentionally humorous words and actions of others, especially when they involve my special friend, I also know how to laugh at myself.  I like to think that I have a keen sense of… Read More ›

Back to School

When the dismissal bell rang on May 21 at my daughters’ school, I remember feeling like three months of summer vacation was a lifetime.  Well, that lifetime comes to an end with the first day of school tomorrow, and all… Read More ›