The Long and Winding Road


Whew-I made it through another day that was less than stellar, and that is a feat in and of itself.  I am in survival mode on every level, but I am doing my best to return to a state of thriving.  I also am doing all that I possibly can do to make a positive difference in the world, including my own.

I left work a little while ago, and my departure provided me with the opportunity to do one good thing for myself and one other person.  As I walked to my car, a familiar voice called to me, “Miss Kristi, what are you doing still here at this time of night?”  I turned to see one of our guys from the day shelter for homeless men where I work sitting on the steps of a neighboring building, which is where he will be sleeping this evening.  The sound of a familiar voice and the sight of a gentle smile were precisely what I needed, so, I stopped to chat for a bit.  In my hand I had an unopened soft drink, and on this humid evening, I knew that it would be appreciated by him.  When I offered him this small offering, he politely refused at first, but after gentle prodding from me, he gratefully accepted it, saying, “Thanks, Miss Kristi.  You are an angel!”  My halo definitely is tarnished and askew, but I was glad to give him a cold drink on a warm night.  Cheers!

As I drove away, I made a beeline for the sanctuary of River Road, and instead of heading straight home, I kept on driving until the road came to an end, taking in the night air, good music, and beautiful scenery along the way.  The long drive helped to put some literal and figurative distance between myself and the mish mash of thoughts swirling in my head.  The motion of the car, the songs, and the sightings of deer grazing in fence lined open fields provided some much-needed stress relief, and I arrived home feeling a bit calmer.  Truly, it was the best thing that I could manage to do to end this very long day, and I hope to do better for myself and others when the new day dawns.

Just one thing each day . . .

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6 replies

  1. Sounds like a good day. Nobody calls me an Angel.

  2. “Angel” is very fitting my friend, I am happy the drive aided in easing the “weight” of the day! ❤

  3. Getting that distance between that ‘mish-mash’ in your head and yourself is always a great idea. I like the way you put it…… and your love of that River Road has served you again. Well – done.
    Have a great weekend.

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