Wonders Never Cease


When my special friend and I enter into a conversation with one another, I can count on a number of things.  One, we will laugh . . . a lot.  Two, we will cover a myriad of topics during the course of a conversation, no matter how long we talk.  Three , we never run out of things to discuss.  Four, some of the comments and topics that emerge during the conversation will find their way into a blog post.  All of these happened during this morning’s marathon conversation.

Irregardless of how smart my special friend is, sometimes, they offer up a gem like this, “What? Are there seven wonders of the world, or are they up to eight or nine now?”  With my special friend, wonders never cease indeed. . .

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4 replies

  1. Without a doubt, true friends are rare and amazing people! 🙂


  2. I have just spent a few days away, and was able to spend a whole day with one of my oldest trusted friends.
    I know exactly where you are coming from in this post and I agree with all four!!
    There is nothing as great as a day with a friend who know me and loves me anyway.


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