Saved by Sunday


Just when I feared that last week’s stress and angst would follow me into the upcoming week, along came Sunday, sweet, Sunday to save the day, the week ahead, and most of all, me.  Another good night’s sleep gave way to a quiet morning at home with my girls and an afternoon that combined Zen and zeal, and the evening is shaping up to be one of deliciously quiet solitude.  Thank you, Sunday, for helping me find me way back to myself and the organized chaos that I call my life.

Thanks to the simple request from both of my daughters, I was able to do something positive for them to kick off the day.  Whenever they pose the question, “Mom, do we have anything we have to do today?”, I know that they already have something in mind that they would like to do.  Today was no different, and when I said that we had no set plans and could do whatever they wanted, they both replied that they wanted to spend the day at home, just hanging out with me.  It was music to my ears for a number of reasons.

My oldest daughter is on the verge of becoming a teenager, while my younger daughter is hot on her heels, so, I know that the days of them just wanting to spend time with me are numbered.  I was more than happy to oblige their simple request, as we spent the morning catching up after their recent week-long trip, joking with one another, and talking about what we want to do this final full week of summer vacation.  It was “down time” that proved to be uplifting, and I savored every moment with them.  I appreciate that my girls do not need to be entertained every second of the day and do not have schedules that leave with little to no time to be still, and I love when we can share this quiet time together, even when we are anything but silent!

After the girls departed for the day with their dad, I was able to finish up the laundry, prepare for work, pay bills, balance my checkbook, and other mundane, but essential, tasks.  Being organized and prepared help me to feel more at peace with myself, and the completion of tasks gives me a sense of accomplishment, especially when other elements of my life are out of my control.  In addition to the practical tasks that were at hand, I acknowledged that I had to do something for my body and spirit, so, I did.

I did a modified detox to recharge my body and even waded back into the waters of meditation to quiet the chatter in my mind.  Both of these acts put me back in touch with myself and were the greatest acts of kindness I could show myself after a week where I beat myself up unmercifully, at times, in response to the stress I experienced.  Such seemingly simple acts helped me to take powerful steps toward reclaiming the balance I seek for my life, and for that, I am grateful beyond measure.  The day’s not done, and neither am I.

Just one thing each day . . .

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a Sunday! 🙂


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