Giving and Receiving


While I do not consider myself to be a materialistic person at all, as I live within my means and appreciate the priceless gifts in life, such as spending time with loved ones, the bottom line is that I really do love gifts.  I enjoy finding the perfect gift to give to my friends and family, and I appreciate the gifts that they give me, as well.  With my birthday being two days away, it is only fitting that today’s theme unintentionally ended up being about gifts.

To celebrate another year of life, I treated myself to a couple of early birthday presents-a new watch and a new pair of sunglasses.  While I already own several of these items, I found a black watch with a hint of bling and a great pair of sunglasses that fit my small face perfectly, so, I purchased them for myself.  I like being able to afford to treat myself to special things from time to time, and these two gifts brought a smile to my face and gave my accessories a fashionable boost.  Happy early birthday to me!

This evening, I came across something that reminded me of someone who has a special spot in my life, so, I bought it for them.  It is not their birthday or any other significant occasion in their life, but sometimes, those people who are closest to us are taken for granted and those every day moments are overlooked.  I want this person to know that they are being thought of for no other reason than their presence in my life is a truly wonderful gift that I treasure each and every single day.  That’s truly one of the best presents ever.

Just one thing each day . . .

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9 replies

  1. Kristi,

    A happy early Birthday wish to you and to many more.

  2. Awe I love it! I hope you will share the official day? But either way, I am wishing you a Happy, happy birthday and I know the coming year(s) will be amazing for you! I wish you nothing but the absolute best on your special day and always, you deserve it! ❤

  3. It was great that you treated yourself for your birthday. You deserve it!

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