Like a Good Neighbor


I have lived in my current neighborhood for nine years, and while I know the people who live on our street, I know only a small fraction of the other people who reside in our neighborhood.  That fact did not stop my daughters and me from shedding tears this week for a family in our neighborhood who is grieving a loss.  We have never met this family, but we felt connected to them because of a member of their family, their dog.

For the past nine years, whenever we pass this particular family’s home, our eyes immediately look for their dog, whom we affectionately called “Beagle Dude”.  He was a cute, sweet, and friendly dog, and the very sight of him made us smile.  Our smiles quickly faded earlier this week, when we drove past their home and saw a simple sign in the spot that “Beagle Dude” usually occupied.  The sign read, “Our beloved beagle Gordon passed away”.  So, “Beagle Dude” was really Gordon, and regardless of his name, he was now gone.  We cried for Gordon, and having lost several cherished pets in our own family, we wept for Gordon’s family.

When we arrived home, we shared our favorite memories of Gordon and decided that his name suited him well, and we talked about how we would miss seeing him on our daily commute.  While we have never met Gordon’s family, we wanted them to know that Gordon made our days brighter and that he would be missed in the neighborhood, so, we bought a sympathy card and included our memories and condolences.  Earlier this evening, as the sky opened up, releasing sheets of rain, we reverently visited Gordon’s usual spot in their driveway and left his family our card.  We cannot take away their pain, but we hope that their hearts are lightened a bit knowing that Gordon was one of our favorite neighbors.  R.I.P. Gordon (aka Beagle Dude).

For myself, by far the best thing I did today was to honor the promise I made to myself and to my special friend that I would exercise this morning, as I am re-establishing a regular fitness routine.  When my alarm went off in the early morning hours, I first hit snooze, then, the aforementioned promise hit me in the face, forcing me to dig deep to find the motivation to work out, when I definitely did not feel motivated to do so.  I did it, though, and afterward, I did not regret it one bit.  I felt just as proud and accomplished for getting past my excuses as I did for actually exercising.  This positive decision set the tone for the rest of the day, and it motivated me to make more healthy choices.  One good deed deserves another!

Just one thing each day . . .

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  1. Awe so sad! 😦 I had a neighbor I didn’t know very well drop off a card when I lost one of my cat and it meant so much to me! My heart goes out to the family.

    And hooray for work-outs! 🙂


    • It really was so sad to see the sign on their yard, instead of Gordon, and we will miss seeing him and yelling, “Hi, Beagle Dude!” to him. Losing a pet is a significant loss indeed.

      It felt great to work out, and I am determined to return to my pre-divorce workout regime. Time to be the Boss in every area of my life:)


  2. great for you to keep up the exercising commitment…. something I fall down on again and again 🙂


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