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Earlier this evening, I recalled some of the best advice my mother gave me, and I am grateful that at the age of seventeen, I actually listened to her and followed it.  What were the words of wisdom that she shared with me all those years ago?  You need to learn to type, and so, begrudgingly, I took a typing class my senior year in high school.  While I no longer type on an actual typewriter, the skills I learned helped me to do something kind for myself and someone else today.

When my special friend lamented that he had to retype a four page agreement, I offered to do it for him.  At first, he declined, but he was soon reminded that when it comes to helping people I care about, I can be just as stubborn and persistent as he can, so, he finally accepted my offer.  I can find my way around the keyboard rather easily, and it was something tangible I could do to help him in a small way.  It was an easy task, and knowing that it would help him made it effortless and, even, enjoyable.  When he said that he would repay my kindness, I declined, as I didn’t do it for any other reason than I wanted to put skills to good use to do some good for him.

I also used my typing skills to express some of my thoughts, feelings, and ideas in both e-mails and texts and on my blog, and being able to do so makes me feel as if my voice is heard.  Writing can be therapeutic for me, and it is a healthy release.  As verbal as I am, I  find it much easier to communicate through my writing, and I appreciate having people, especially my special friend, who read the words that find their way from my head and my heart to the computer screen.  Thanks to my Mom for the great advice.  Maybe, I should listen to her more often!

Just one thing each day . . .


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  1. I love that advise Kristi Jo….sometimes I look back and am so thankful that I have listened to my mother’s advice over the years. Hard when you are strong and independent like we are..


  2. As difficult as it was at times between my mother and I prior to Princess being born, I can honestly say that she has given me priceless advice over the years. And I am so grateful to have reached a place where I could hear and use her advice! 🙂


  3. Do you touch-type?
    (unlike me who uses only two fingers each hand!)


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