Down Time


The caption on the above picture is similar to the sage words of wisdom that my friend and mentor, Trude, has shared with me time and time again, and as with most things, sometimes, it takes me a little while to understand and embrace something.  This morning, I finally fully wrapped my brain around what Trude has been sharing with me all of this time.  Better late than never, especially since learning this lesson meant that I was able to do something positive for myself and for some very special people.

As I mentioned in previous posts,  I am recovering from minor outpatient surgery on both of my legs, which means that I cannot do everything I want to do temporarily.  That said, instead of focusing on what I cannot do, I am accepting that all is well right now and that like nature, I can slow down and still accomplish everything I want and need to do.

This morning, instead of hitting the nearby wooded trails for a long run, I set out on them for a long, brisk walk.  Even though I was eager to run, I knew that I needed to wait until my legs have healed completely, and it was a metaphor for how I approach my life.  In some ways, I often rush to get where I want to go before I may be ready to proceed, so, both on and off of the trails, I am learning to be patient with myself and to recognize that whether I move at a fast pace or at a slow pace, I will get to where I am going at the right time.  Walking the trails on a gorgeous summer morning turned out to be a wonderful workout physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, and it was because of this “down time” that I learned this timely lesson.

This evening, I will be enjoying time under the stars with some friends who are near and dear to my heart at a fundraiser for the Louisville AIDS Walk.  In addition to being able to donate some money to a worthy cause, I also will be able to support my friends who helped to organize, promote, and put on the event.  I am very proud of their hard work and efforts to raise funds and awareness about HIV and AIDS, and I more than happy to support them and this event.  Together, we can make a positive difference to help those people who live with HIV and AIDS and to find a cure.

Just one thing each day . . .

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  1. “I will get to where I am going at the right time” very wise words and a wonderful reminder, I love it! 🙂

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