It Takes Two


Before I went to bed last night, I chatted with my special friend, who recounted the events of his day.  In the course of relaying what he had done, my special friend also listed the aspects and areas of his life that he gave him pause.  As I listened to him, I wished that I could alleviate his stressors and disappointments, but I knew that I could not.  With his words on my mind, I sent him a positive, upbeat text to greet him first thing this morning, and the theme of the text was making positive, healthy choices to reach one’s goals.  As I look back on that particular text, I realize that I wrote it as much for myself as I did for him, as I, too, have a number of areas in my own life that leave me wanting more. This theme carried over into today, and it became the impetus for something positive that I did for myself and for my special friend.

There is something about a new day, a new week, and a new season that had me eager to start the day, and last night, as I drifted off to sleep, I had grand plans for this first Monday of fall.  Then, the alarm went off, again and again and again, as I hit the snooze button repeatedly and successfully used a lack of sleep and a lingering cold to hide under my covers, instead of hitting the elliptical trainer for a workout.  Given my all-or-nothing thinking, things not going as planned can trigger a flood of excuses to put off whatever it is that I intended to do, so, I met the morning with frustration and disappointment that I had blown the day, in my mind at least, before it began.  Around lunchtime, though, an e-mail from my special friend saved the day and provided both of us with an opportunity to do something positive for ourselves and each other.

Earlier, I had shared with my special friend my desire to get back into the best physical shape possible, as I look and feel better when I am at a particular weight and have achieved a certain level of fitness.  Since this is one of his goals, too, he suggested that we both set a target date of Halloween for reaching our weight and fitness goals together.  We support each other in every other aspect of our respective lives, so, I don’t know why we did not think of this earlier, but better late than never.

So, the best thing I did for myself and for my special friend was to enter into this agreement that we would focus on our health and take positive steps to reach our goals over the next 5 weeks.  I definitely did not feel like working out after work today, but knowing that my special friend had taken a 2.5 mile walk motivated me to get through a challenging interval workout that has left my muscles sore, even after a soak in a rosemary mint Epsom salt bath.  It is motivating to want him to reach his goals as much as I want to reach mine, and being able to encourage and support one another in yet another way is nothing but positive.  If today was any indicator of what the next 5-6 weeks will be like, we’re in for a real treat by Halloween.

Just one thing each day . . .


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11 replies

  1. Good for you and your friend. My sisters and I would do the same thing for years. It’s time for me to do the same thing. Today was the start.


  2. This is a great idea! You will have each other so much by teaming up to do this challenge! I think you will both wear a huge smile on the 31st of October. 🙂
    Make sure to post on that day… 😉

    xoxo, Eszter


    • Eszter, thank you so much for the supportive words and the vote of confidence! Facing challenges, whether they be big or small, is made easier when having a trusted friend by your side. I look forward to sharing good news for both of us on Halloween. All my best in reaching your goals!


  3. I wanted to type “You will help each other”. I do not know how to edit my previous comment. Sorry!


  4. Sounds like a wonderful goal and even more exciting and motivating when a great friend is involved! 🙂


  5. It is great that you have a special friend to motivate you and it is great for him that he has someone like you to send him friendly motivational texts first thing in the morning.
    good on you 🙂


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